Jersey Scouts seeing new Island Lead Volunteer

Date: 2nd Apr 2024 Author: Hayley Dewar

The Island Lead Volunteer is a key volunteer leadership role within Scouting with responsibility for providing outstanding management and support for the groups within the County. The primary focus for the Island Lead Volunteer is to ensure that Scouting is able to reach every young person in Jersey; open to all regardless of faith, colour or social background, because we believe Scouting has the ability to change lives.

This is achieved by leading the team of Group Lead Volunteers, and other Island appointments as well as working with the Growth and Communities Team (employed staff) to provide enough places to meet the demand for Scouting, and by ensuring that every youth member has access to a high-quality balanced programme that is challenging, relevant and rewarding.

As our Island Lead Volunteer, you’ll get the opportunity to lead Jersey through transformation and develop working in teams, and look at extending the reach of scouting to all parts of the county and for all those who want to become involved. You will be able to really develop and hone your leadership skills by managing teams of remote volunteers across the breadth of Jersey.

Leading and managing volunteers provides so much more opportunity and experiences than with employees, and the skills you can gain by doing this really can be a great asset for your professional life as well as in Scouts. The issues and challenges that you find ways to tackle will stretch you as an individual and as a leader, and you’ll find yourself discovering new things that you are capable of achieving, all within a supportive environment.

If you get a kick out of seeing things happen, achieving success and making a positive impact to a wide audience then the Island Lead Volunteer role definitely provides all of that.


Role Description

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls