Jersey Scout Centre

Jersey Scout Centre

The Jersey Scout Centre site is set on the environmentally protected area of "Coastal National Park" in St Ouens Bay on the west of the Island.

Jersey Scout Centre

The Jersey Scout Association built a new HQ on the site in 2001. The building is situated 500metres from a renowned surfing and watersports beach, and encompasses indoor and outdoor accommodation, a wooded area and large campfire circle.

Camping and indoor accommodation is available all year. The site is managed by our dedicated team. The Centre Manager and Caretaker provide 24/7 cover and they are dedicated to ensuring you and your group have a safe and enjoyable visit.

Jersey Scout Centre is situated in the coastal national park on the stunning coastline of St Ouens Bay on the west coast of Jersey.

“West is Best” you can hear the locals say, and when you explore this rugged and spectacular coastline, you can see why. But If you go on to explore the rest of our beautiful island you will discover why other islanders have grounds to disagree with this comment. Everywhere you go on Jersey, around every corner, there is another stunning view to take your breath away.

Jersey has everything you need for your adventure and more.

The extensive network of footpaths, both coastal and inland, gives you access to some epic views as you find yourself surrounded by natural beauty, fascinating birds and wildlife and a deep sense of history, both ancient and modern.

The occupation is still a living memory for some of our islanders and is a time that will never be forgotten. There are reminders of this time all over the island, some on quite an awesome scale. Impressive as they are, they can be eerie places and often give rise to quiet contemplation and reflection as to how and why they came into being in the first place.

As you may have noticed, Jersey is an island and is surrounded by the sea. A pristine blue and green sea or a savage white foam flecked beast of a sea, the sea has many moods and they all add to the character of our island home.

We have some of the highest tidal ranges in the world, and the island can almost double in size during some of the low tides. This can reveal, in some areas, an almost lunar landscape of rock pools and islands for you to explore. Please remember though that the tide comes in very quickly so if you are going to stray far from the shore, stay safe and use an expert guide.

The tide also reveals pristine sandy beaches for you to enjoy and all the activities that go with them.

Kayaking, surfing, paddle boarding, blowcarting, coasteering, there is something for everyone to try. If you are like me, you could just hire a deckchair and watch the world go by or if, as I suspect, you are still full of energy and curiosity why not try a high speed rib adventure along the coast, and, if you are lucky, be awestricken by the sight of our resident pod of dolphins playing alongside your boat.

Another unique part of our Jersey landscape is our network of Green Lanes. Almost 50 miles of country lanes where priority is given to bikes, horses and pedestrians. Cars are restricted to 15 mph and are encouraged to use the lanes for access only. This together with the wider network of footpaths and cycle paths makes Jersey an ideal place to explore, on foot or by bike.


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Jersey Scout Centre
La Grande Route des Mielles
St Ouen

Tel: 01534 486935

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls