What is a Charity Trustee?

Charity Trustees are volunteers who make some of the most important decisions in Scouting.

They are members of a group known as the Executive Committee, every Scout Group and the Island has one. The Executive Committee in Scouting is like a board of governors in a school; essentially it makes sure that the best quality Scouting is delivered to young people in the local area.

The volunteers that make up the Committee give their time to ensure that Scouting continues to meet its charitable purpose: safely and legally.

Charity Trustees can put their existing skills and experience to good use, helping to support and develop local Scouting and allowing young people in the area to experience fun, friendship, and everyday adventure.

Becoming a Trustee is also a great way to meet new people, learn new skills that can help build a CV, or just to add to experience and confidence in certain areas.

What does the role involve?

Being an Executive Committee member carries legal responsibilities that should be understood before taking on the role. You are not expected to be an expert in every area, but you are expected to:

– use reasonable care in your work and apply your skills and experience where needed
– act in the best interests of the Scout Group or the Island and not in your own or others’ personal interests

– as for professional advice when you need it

The Executive Committee you are joining will be able to help explain the responsibilities of the role to you.

On average, Executive Committee members attend four to six meetings a year with all Executive Committee members, giving you to flexibility to say when you are available.

Basic training is provided within the first few weeks of joining an Executive Committee. A disclosure check will also be undertaken for this role.

Executive Committee members come from all walks of life. Most people can become one, but there are some who are not eligible. This includes:

– under 18s
– undischarged bankrupts
– disqualified company directors

The appropriate charity regulator can provide further guidance and full details on who cannot be a Charity Trustee.

Visit scouts.org.uk/execcommittees for more information about Executive Committees and charity regulators.

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