Safety Training

The Scout Association offers a number of pieces of training containing information to help deliver and manage safe Scouting. You will first come across safety content in Essential Information as part of your induction and then in Running Safe Activities for Section Leaders or the Safety module of the Managers and Supporters training. Beyond this, all adults are required to undertake the ongoing safety training every five years.

Ongoing Safety Training

Who should complete the training?
The training is available to anyone who wants to complete it. However, it is primarily aimed at volunteers who need to complete their ongoing safety training for their appointment review.
Ongoing Safety Training FAQs.

What does this training include?

The training will take approximately 35 minutes.

There are three sections within the training:

  1. Get the facts
  2. See it in action
  3. Take the challenge

After completing the first two sections you will be asked to complete the final section, Take the challenge.

After you complete the final section of the training, you will be able to generate a certificate, which can be printed off. Alternatively, you can save the URL and print it off at a later date.

Please note: If you are unable to print your certificate for any reason please save it as a .png file or take a screen shot of the page. Please do not save the web link as an alternative to printing the certificate, as this will expire once you leave the browser and your certificate will be lost. If your certificate will not load and only shows a blank screen please take a screenshot of the final page prior to selecting the certificate as proof of learning. This can be shared with your Training Adviser when you meet to discuss the learning and validate the module.
Start the safety ongoing training e-learning.

Before you start

Safety training ongoing learning is available as e-learning. This e-learning will function on a range of systems and devices, detailed in these e-learning FAQs


We would be very grateful if you would spend a couple of minutes telling us what you think of this e-learning module. Your responses help us shape the future of the Adult Training Scheme and aid us in identifying areas for development.

To provide feedback on this e-learning by emailing [email protected]


If required, you can download the script for audio components.

Safety for Managers and Supporters

Who should complete the training?

The training is available for those in manager and supporter roles. Full information and the resources can be found online at

What does this training include?

The training will take approximately 2 hours.

This module is delivered through a workbook which takes you through a series of tasks relating to safety and your role as a manager.

After completing the training you will need to validate your knowledge, you can find the validation criteria in the Adult Personal File – Managers


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