Once again the Island is organizing an Island Cub Chess Competition to be held at Trinity Youth Centre on Saturday 10 November 2018.  The competition will be run the same way as the school competitions and is open to any cub but they MUST be able to play a basic game of chess.

The Competition will be run by the Jersey Junior Chess Club with Island Leaders.

The times for the competition are 2.00pm arrival and collection at 6.00pm with presentations around 5.45pm, which will be made to the cubs (parents welcome).  There is no charge for this event.  All cubs must attend in full uniform please.

At the moment numbers will be restricted depending on the number of cubs wanting to participate from the various packs in the Island so please let your leader know as soon as possible (closing date is 10 October).

The last competition was a great success and thoroughly enjoyed by all the cubs.  Who will take away the Island Chess Shield this year?

Kat Rondel

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