Trainer: Mary Curtis, Approved Safeguarding Trainer, Director, Calmera Business Consultancy

Date: Tuesday 16 July 2019 18.00hrs – 21.00hrs 

Venue: Scout Centre, St Ouen


This three-hour session is for all those who have not yet completed the mandatory Safeguarding module, those who need to renew it as is has expired and also for those who need to complete some training for their five hours per year on-going learning.  This is an excellent opportunity for members to hear first-hand how to deal with potential safeguarding concerns and share concerns. This is open to all Adults in Scouting, Uniformed and non-uniformed. Given the nature of safeguarding, best practice is to attend a face to face training course delivered by a UKHQ approved Safeguarding Trainer.

 The session will cover the following:

  • The Scout Association Policy re Safeguarding;
  • The Yellow Card and how we use it;
  • What the law says about Safeguarding;
  • Types of abuse and how they happen;
  • Challenge some misconceptions;
  • Look at safe practice in Scouting;
  • Technology and young people – and how should we use technology with young people; and
  • How to handle a disclosure

A place can be booked on this course by following the Eventbrite link: Eventbrite – Safeguarding

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