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Campsite Guidelines - Updated 2016

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The Jersey Scout Centre is a smoke-free site, and we would appreciate if visitors adhere to this policy.

The Campsite will be treated with respect and will be left tidy by all users.

The Jersey Scout Association will not be responsible for loss of or damage to the property of any individual or organisation, neither will it accept liability for any accident whilst people are using the Campsite.

Safety Policy

The Jersey Scout Association attaches the greatest importance to the health and safety of its users and visitors. Every endeavour is made to ensure that the Campsite, as far as is reasonably possible, provides an environment that is free of risk to the health and safety of all users and visitors, and it is has been agreed that:

All Campsite User Groups are urged to ensure that:

(a) all their members and guests are aware of the procedures to be followed in an emergency and, in particular, those for calling the emergency services.

(b) persons suitably trained in first aid are available

(c) all potential health and safety hazards and problems are brought to the notice of the Centre Manager, Terri Marie.


The Centre Office is not staffed at all times throughout the day and therefore Campsite User Groups are responsible for their own safety and for that of persons in their charge or attending functions they have organised. It is essential therefore that the responsible person at each event understands what action he or she must take in the event of any emergency, particularly with regard to calling the emergency services. 


Campsite User Groups should be aware of the following Centre advice:
The fire alarm system at the Centre is connected to the Fire Service so that, in the event of a fire, no matter how minor, the fire service will be called immediately through Securicor.

If the fire alarm sounds, do not ignore it. Ensure that all personnel evacuate the building immediately. Do not stop to collect personal belongings, leave at once and assemble in the previously-arranged assembly point where a responsible person should account for all personnel. User Groups should practice this evacuation procedure to ensure that all persons in their charge are familiar with what actions to take in the event of fire.

Leave the building and wait for the Fire Service – do not attempt to fight the fire.

First Aid

Each User Group is responsible for bringing and using its own First Aid equipment. However, in case of emergency, there is a First Aid box available in the Kitchen of the Centre and also in the Centre Office. There is a coin-box telephone on the decking of the Centre for everyone’s use. (01534 – 483061)


Alcohol may only be consumed on specific occasions and no under-age drinking is ever allowed. When alcohol is available, soft drinks must also be on offer. It is Association policy that 2 adults must be alcohol-free at all times.


The campsite must be left in a tidy condition, free of litter.


The exterior nightlights are censor-controlled with an over-ride switch at the campsite end of the building.

JSC Campsite 03Noise

All User Groups are expected to be “good neighbours” and to keep noise to a realistic minimum, especially after 10.00 p.m. Loud music is not acceptable at any time. Should a visiing group not adhere to these rules, they may ba asked to leave the site.


The car-park is at the rear of the Centre. All vehicles must remain there and must not be driven on to the campsite. For ease of unloading on arrival, trolleys are available. Unloading can also take place from Le Chemin du Moulin, the minor road at the rear of the Campsite (advice will be given on arrival). Vehicles must not be parked in the lay-by or along the driveway.


Water is a very precious resource and is metered, please use it responsibly.


It is respectfully requested that leaders check the toilets/showers after use to ensure that they left in a clean and tidy state for others to use them. Please note that the facilities, both the decking toilets/showers and the mobile unit, will be closed from 2.00 p.m. – 3.00 p.m. for cleaning.

Not allowed

  • No smoking in or around the building
  • No dogs allowed on site.
  • No knives allowed around the building.
  • No chewing gum allowed around the building.

and hope you have a very enjoyable stay.